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How to disable the new Edge address bar copy and paste feature

I personally use a variety of browsers on my desktop for browsing, testing etc and the primary browser choice as changed over the years based on speed, developer tools etc. Like all tools, they change over time (aka Cool New Features) this can be for better or worse.

I am currently using the new Microsoft Edge browser more than ever and once of the more common actions when using browsers is copying and pasting address link.

When pasting a link that has been copied from the address bar, one would expect to paste the address as is. In the new versions, the copied information is now rendered differently depending on where its pasted. For instance if you copy a URL from the address bar and past this into some email clients or content management systems, you would expect to see the address/URL in form:

Since this is what you want to share and have people see, instead you now see the page title of the page at the address (with the actual address hidden) for example the same address as above copied from Edge.

This might be useful and I am sure there are reasons for this decision to change how that works, however I am yet to use this feature and end up copying and pasting to notepad or other place where I need to re-copy it.

How to turn this off, so copy and paste is handled as before:

1) Select Settings from the dropdown menu ( ... on top right)

2) Click the Share, copy and paste menu item on the left

3) Then select the "Plain Text" Option

Job Done

Happy copying and Pasting with Edge!

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