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Helpful (mostly free) design resources for software developers

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Designer, designing a an icon

I am a primarily a coder, and although I can implement design, websites and am creative from a technical perspective and have a eye for design, I don't really have the skills to originate graphic design, multimedia or user interface elements quickly whilst getting the development work done.

To help make things look good and professional, I have compiled a collection of useful design resources for developers who need some extra help with the design side of things.

Photographic images - Free images (and they are pretty good)

User interface (UI) / User Experience (UX) and for OG's: Graphics User Interface (GUIs) - UI design / CSS Framework

Graphic elements / images - Low-poly style background (or a free coded version here: - Free illustrations (with colour selection/modification) - Create website icons (favicon.ico)

Graphics Applications - Image Manipulation application (although I use also Adobe CC, this tools is great for quick for image resizing and editing)

Content Management Systems / Documentation Tools - Create content/marketing websites (sometimes a basic website without coding and minimal setup is required, in these instances I have used Wix with great effect, really? Wix? yes, please read this blog post. - Create good looking documentation

Tools - Pixel colour picker across desktop / any app image

..and some coding utilities.. - Generate some GUIDs

I use these professionally and am personally recommending them.

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