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Create online documentation for your own products.

User Guides, online documentation and technical data is an important part of providing public information for a business, products or services, This information is usually better placed away from the marketing content in a more structured and categorised format, and in some cases maintained by other staff.

After looking at several documentation systems to support our own product: Our online design mark-up and approval tool

We decided on using GitBook to create our documentation pages.

We use the free version of GitBook, which includes everything we need, there are many authoring features for creating a wide range of elements in a document using the MarkDown syntax, including; images, tables, formatted code snippets and highlighted quotes. In addition to this the interface provides the various search and navigations tools and the ability to create external links resulting in a consistent and professional looking documentation site. User Guide Example: see the MediaMarkup Documentation for full documentation.

The option of storing the documentation in GitHub suits us well as this means out documentation is backed up and versioned, just like our code.

We highly recommend GitBook, it works well for us without any issues.

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