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Colour Picker

A simple colour picker utility to grab colours from any of your windows screens.

Features Include:

  • Supports multiple monitors (including 4K)

  • Supports monitors at different scales

  • Records a history of colours grabbed

  • Copy Grabbed Colours to Clipboard


Available from the Windows Store

  • Free

  • No Ads

  • No Malware

  • No Bundled Software


Features Include


Records a hostory of colours grabbed

Works with 4K Monitors

Tested on high

resolution monitors

Multiple Monitor Support

Tested on multi-monitor systems with different scale settings

Support, Questions & Feedback

Credit where credit is due

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Installation is available via the Windows Store:

How it Works

  1. The Colour Picker app must be active, then press Ctrl-G to grab the colour.

  2. If the app is not active, then click on it to make it active.

  3. After pressing Ctrl-G, the colour will be selected and the scanning will stop and preview will show the area selected.

  4. Press the Copy button to copy the HTML HEX value (click the # checkbox to include the #)

  5. Press Ctrl-G again to start scanning.

  6. Your History will show in the History Boxes and you can click those to copy those values

    Would a feature to choose your own hot-key be useful or is there a better key to use? Let us know.

Release Notes



Bug Fixes

Better handling of Multiple screens, where any screen could be the primary screen



  1. Better handling of hot key ctrl-g

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed Magnification drop-down list no longer takes keyboard input

  2. A couple of the history Items required a double click to select, all are now single click

  3. Fixed memory issues, causing application to crash

Version (First Version Available)
Available in Windows Store from 23/06/2023


If you have any issues please let us know and we will try get this fixed/updated asap.
At the time of writing the application has just gone live in the Windows Store today (23/06/2023)

App Crashing

We have had some reports of the application crashing, with a "Hard Error" we are looking into this.

We might add a switch to switch off the preview (we think that is the issue) to help but any feedback would be helpful. [This has been fixed and should be available when version is ready in the store]

Incorrect Colours

If the colour picker colours don't match up to known HTML colours on different screens, this is probably due to monitor calibration or display settings.

Known issues / Fixes

Known issues that effect the accuracy of colours grabbed from the screen (this includes screenshots)

  • If you system has 3rd party display software/drivers, eg NVIDIA, with settings like 'High Contrast' this may effect the colours.

  • If your system display settings has "HDR" switched on, this can effect colours.

  • If your display uses its default colour space that comes as standard, this might effect the colours, try changing this to an sRGB Colour Space, or use the Windows screen calibration, this will help set your monitor up to display correctly and set the Colour Space.

There are also specific tools to calibrate monitors
for viewing accurate colours on screen eg:


More info / View on Amazon...

Please contact support if you need any help installing or using the application.

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